Bespoke Wedding Magazine

Bespoke Wedding Magazine


Your bespoke wedding album 

You want to collect your wedding memories in a unique and unconventional way, then order your wedding magazine! The wedding magazine is a bespoke product and will be designed from scratch personally for you by the designer Irene Aydemir.

Included with your purchase 

• A beautiful package with wedding magazine

• Format A4 / 200 Pages

• 3 correction rounds to customize your design

• E-mail support via the designer Irene Aydemir


magazine is flat printed on beautiful and light high quality paper which is still stable and ever and ever lasting to keep your memories save!

Order process

As soon as you placed your order Irene will get in contact with you (that normally takes around 1-2 business days). She will send you all the forms that correlate to your order. 

Now it’s your turn! Send us your wording and any other customization you would like to have. And no worries, if you are not sure about your wordings yet. Irene will support you along the way!

And don't forget your photos! It’s your unique wedding album, so send us up to 800 photos we can use for your magazine (Irene will send you a dropbox link). 

A little tip: You want to tell your story in a lot of words? Structure your pictures in folders and chapters including text files that we can design your album the best way possible. 

Irene will customize your order within 16 business days. After that you can review and provide feedback on your digital proofs (incl. 3 free correction rounds). Please be aware that a design always looks different on screen. If you have the option, please print your designed product to get a better feeling for colors and layout!

If you are satisfied with the design, we can finalize the print and make sure you will receive a beautiful work. Be aware, the final check is on you! If you are giving us a „go“ we print the final work. Any changes or found mistakes afterwards are not included.

From start to finish, the entire process of a single order shipment can take 5-8 weeks. This total time needed is also dependent on how quickly you can gather your content and provide feedback. 

Take Note 

As soon as we started the actual customizing process we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges on any our products. Refund is only possible before we received your wording and custom details. Make sure to read our FAQS before purchasing.

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